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A selection of our reviews we receive from some of our lovely customers.

We have been enjoying Foote’s free range eggs for some time and love them.

This week we were very fortunate to try one of the fresh chickens from the farm and it was amazing! Ours was a 3.4 kilo bird and it tasted simply beautiful. It cooked perfectly coming out bronzed with moist and tasty meat that fell from the bone, poles apart from even the best supermarket bird we’ve had.

In our case what came first was a Foote’s egg. Based on tonight’s meal the chicken won’t be the last!

Thank you Shelley and James, you’ve nailed it!

Phil & Nicki

Hi James.. I thought your pasture fed chicken was nicely presented. We cooked it for just under 2 hours in a Dutch over on a trivet of carrots, onions and peppers

The flesh was a lovely yellow colour, not white like the supermarket chickens are. It was very succulent with lots of flavour. My lot would have it rather than turkey at Christmas!

Patricia my daughter said, and I quote..

"A roast worthy of Christmas. So far away from the supermarket version it seems a different meat altogether. Can definitely recommend!"


“Karen and I were absolutely delighted to receive the pasture fed chicken from Chynoweth Farm to sample, which we recently cooked for a Sunday roast. As the ‘chef’ in the family Karen was extremely pleased with the presentation and quality of the bird, as well as the post-cooked density and superior texture and taste. It far exceeded the standards typical of a supermarket bought chicken, or indeed an organically reared bird. She used every part of the sample, making gravy with the giblets, stock and soup with what was left of the carcass, every item deliciously flavoured upon serving. As the prime ‘consumer’ for the cooked food, I was very satisfied, but even more so in the knowledge of how the bird was reared, fed and managed on the farm. If these chickens were available from Chynoweth Farm on a regular basis, we would not shop for our birds anywhere else, and we are looking forward very much to trying the eggs from the laying birds when they are ready to sample!

Thank you for the experience”


Dear Shelley and James,

We wanted to write and thank you both so much for sharing with us your journey into rearing poultry.

As you know, we are both vets and have both worked as farm vets. We have spent a lot of our adult lives wanting to harvest the good in farming to produce better food, well. It seems even if food is produced with much thought, like organic, free range, farm assured etc., rarely is the product outstanding.

We have ventured to produce our own meat in small way’s, but it is not an easy task for an amateur and can be very time consuming.

The chicken we received from you was outstanding. It was of highest quality, the meat was flavoursome with fantastic texture but additionally and importantly, it was a really good size.

Our family is not huge, and our consumption is not big but usually we need 2 whole chickens to feed us all.

Yours allowed us all to have generous portions with some left over for the week's sandwiches (a very importantpart of our Sunday roasts!).

I was reflecting on the price also, it seems that as the bird is over twice the size of a large normal bird (but with additional flavour, we didn’t add much to ours, all it needed was butter, salt and pepper), the price seems remarkably fair.

I would say more and more people in Cornwall are looking towards eating less meat of better quality. Farm butchers seem to be thriving, and rightly so.

So, we thank you and take our hats off to you. It feels like you have cornered a market that the supermarkets have not. Definitely an impressive roast to have in the centre of your table for any event. Quite honestly, it was so good, I would rather have this than Turkey at Christmas!

Please let us know when we can put our next order in and let our friends know about it!

Warmest Regards

Alice and Sam

Dear Shelley and Jim,

I am writing to let you know that we very much enjoyed your chicken for our Sunday lunch. It was really tender and flavoursome. It was great to see the kids polish off their plates.

It was much bigger than the ones we usually buy, and we cannot wait to cook the left overs for a delicious curry.

We would very much like to become one of your regular customers, we always wanted to buy locally and are really pleased this is now possible. We will be highly recommending your chicken to our nearby friends, family and work colleagues who also value buying good quality food locally.

Please let us know when it would be possible to place our regular order.

Best Wishes

Aurore & James

Even when we opened the packet the children were struck by the amazing golden colour of the chicken. It roasted perfectly, and provided more than enough to get more than 2 meals for our family of four (a roast, a curry and spares!). The chicken had great flavour, and knowing we were reducing food miles by buying locally gave even more satisfaction.


The chicken was high quality in every respect. Plump and well proportioned, the bird easily served x5 for a roast lunch plus there were plenty of leftovers for the next day. A real Christmas contender to replace buying a turkey. A wonderful family celebration piece.


This was undoubtedly the best chicken by far that I have ever eaten. Packed full of flavour in every mouthful. All the family agreed that it was incredibly tasty and asked where I had bought it from. I don’t think I shall ever want to buy a chicken from a supermarket again!